Let’s Distribute Your Music Wordwide!

For musicians, artists producers and labels

Get your music uploaded within minutes and over the next few weeks you’ll see your music in all the leading download stores throughout the world!

You do not need to have a record contract or company and you do not need to have released any CDs or vinyl before either. With just a few clicks you can publish your music on nearly all downloading platforms worldwide.

No expensive promotion costs, no GEMA membership, no nasty record contracts and no waiting on record labels.

Here YOU are the record boss

You are the record boss and you say what happens in your music career.

Global Music Promotion in conjunction with our Digital Distribution partner utilizes cutting edge technology and software that makes it super easy for artists, musicians and bands to publish their music and distribute it worldwide.

We do all this at reasonable prices and with just a few clicks of your mouse in real time.

As long as you own all necessary rights then you are more than welcome to use this service! The whole process is very easy and we only need the digital distribution rights in order to distribute your music worldwide, everything else remains with you 100%.

Imagine your music on the world’s most famous downloading platforms.

With our online tool you can upload your songs easily - and you can choose on which sales platforms you want to offer your songs e.g. to iTunes, Musicload, AOL, Beatport, Amazon etc.

Automated accounting and payout

From uploading your songs to providing you with sales reports for all downloads; our distribution partner will take care of everything. Artists, musicians, producers, labels - Anybody can join - you do not need to have a record label, a management deal, a publishing deal or anything of the kind company or a record deal.

You do not have to wait every 6 months to get paid as is the case with traditional record deals. Sales are paid monthly (1 month in arrears). With this in mind you can simply request your payout online anytime you want.

No contract period, no minimum duration

You can quit at any time you like
No minimum duration
No contract obligations
No tricky options

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