Get Your Own Internet CD Store!

"In Just 15 Minutes You Can Press, Print (in full color), Package and Deliver your CD's and DVD's With 100% Hands-Off Automation (Did We Mention Getting Paid Automatically And Instantly For Your Sales?)"
You never have to print, package or ship CD's or DVD's yourself again.

Selling and delivering CDs (or DVDs) just got a lot easier.

Payment just got faster.

Profits just went up to!

Internet CD Store is a service that makes it easy for you as an Artist to sell and deliver your CD's/DVD's worldwide and all 100% HANDS-OFF! With this unique system, you can sell your CDs, DVDs, Videos and more through PayPal then have them duplicated, printed (in full color) and delivered to your customers automatically by our fulfillment partner for just $1.00 each + shipping. You only ship once your customer has paid you. You never have to burn CD's or DVD's, print the CD/DVD jackets and inserts, label, package or drag your packages to the Post Office ever again!

Using our amazing Global Music Promotions "CD Publishing On Demand" software and eCommerce shopping cart in conjunction with our CD Fulfillment Partner means that selling and delivering your CDs or DVDs is now as easy as selling digital music downloads. Internet CD Store is the breakthrough CD/DVD fulfillment service created specifically for Artists, Producers & Record Labels. This unique, "one-of-a-kind" service can work hand-in-hand with your traditional off-line CD Music Distribution Company or even alongside online CD Distributors such as CD Baby. To See A Demo CD Store Click Here

Having your own Internet CD Store does not mean that you stop supplying other CD Distributors with your CDs to distribute the traditional way. However, it allows you to get paid the second each and every order is generated from your online store. No more pressing 500 or 1,000 CDs/DVDs; not knowing whether or not you're going to sell all this stock. No more waiting weeks or even months to get paid. Now you get paid instantly into your PayPal account.

Make MORE sales...

When you're getting paid immediately, you now have the benefit of better cash-flow and can enjoy your income immediately, instead of having to wait months to get paid from a CD Distribution Company or Record Label.

You can even pay Affiliates a small commission per sale to promote your music. Just imagine how much more inspired your affiliates will be to make you sales if you're paying them the same week because you get paid so fast!

This alone can make your sales go THROUGH THE ROOF!

Enjoy more flexibility...

With Internet CD Store you get an online eCommerce storefront, displaying the image(s) of your product(s) in a shopping cart. This means that YOU have full control over your sales pages. So you can change prices in the blink of an eye.

Want to run a sale today? You Can!

Want to create a special order page with special terms just for your JV Partner or Affiliates? You can!

Want to use scarcity to sell by creating a limited offer for the first 50 or 500 buyers? You can!

Want to raise the price every day (or even every hour) to encourage people to act fast? You can!

Build your CD mailing list of BUYERS, possibly doubling your income...A database of buyers is power, or rather, YOUR database of customers is power.

You'll capture the name and address of every one of your buyers. Use this golden list to mail out special offers, promotions and build a relationship with your fans.

If you're new to marketing then let me tell you that combining traditional off-line marketing and promotion with your online marketing efforts can DOUBLE your sales. And it makes sense because while emails may be deleted with the click of a button (When following up with customers who have made a digital download purchase), the ability to contact and follow-up with customers off-line via postal mail that have purchased a physical CD or DVD from you can be much more valuable. This is because the perceived value of a physical CD is far greater than that of a digital download. So a customer who receives a physical product from you is far more likely to remain a loyal fan than if you were only to sell them digital downloads.

Fill orders FAST...Plus built in Amazon Affiliate CD Store Pages!

Internet CD Store will automatically and immediately sends each customer's order information directly to our CD/DVD fulfillment partner to be manufactured, packaged and delivered. No need to collect orders and hand submit them. Internet CD Store sends our fulfillment partner the customer's order, address and requested method of shipping the moment the order is placed.  You don't need to lift a finger and your customer receives their order sooner, while they're still excited and eager to have it.

As well as displaying your CDs as the “Featured CDs” in your online store; your Internet CD Store also comes with the Amazon CD catalogue.  So just in case a visitor does not purchase any of your personal CDs you can still earn a commission from Amazon if they purchase a product from any of your Amazon Affiliate CD pages which are built right into your CD store. To see how we will integrate the Amazon CD albums pages into your Internet CD Store Click Here.

Reduce mundane customer service emails...

Internet CD Store! creates an Order ID Number for tracking. This tracking number is then automatically and immediately sent to your customer. Again, you never lift a finger. Furthermore the customer feels secure in knowing that their order is on the way. And since they can track their own order, customers won't need to contact you asking where their package is, resulting in fewer customer service emails.

This free's you up to do important things (like chilling out playing a little golf :)

Make you look good...

The moment our fulfillment partner receives your customer's order, they begin the process of creating your full-color, glossy, fully assembled CD/DVD, with bar-code, cellophane-wrapped, retail-ready product(s). These are then drop-shipped to your customer(s), according to their order and preferred method of shipment.

Did we mention that you get paid IMMEDIATELY? :-) No more waiting a month or two to get paid. You get paid IMMEDIATELY on each and every order you receive.

As you can see, Internet CD Store allows you to completely automate the way you sell and ship your CDs and DVDs!

Now you can sell your tangible CD/DVD products as easily and as quickly as you can sell your digital music downloads, while adding additional income streams and boosting your bottom line and your credibility.

The amazing software that runs this whole operation automatically does several things at once:

  1. It will create a page that displays the images of your CD/DVD product(s) directly from your account with our fulfillment partner - It has a built-in stand-alone shopping cart that automatically calculates price, International shipping options and total included!
  2. It will collect your buyers shipping information!
  3. It will take their payment via PayPal (no PayPal account required) and immediately credit your PayPal account!
  4. It will submit their shipping information and product(s) ordered to our partner for fulfillment!
  5. It will create an OrderID # for your buyer and send them a receipt via email containing their order information and for tracking purposes!
  6. It will send you an email with the buyers name, shipping address and Order ID #!
  7. It will submit the order to our fulfillment partner via XML authorizing them to duplicate, print and ship your order to your customer - automatically!

Still standing in line at the Post Office? Hey, this is 2011 and you have better things to do! Our Internet CD Store and "CD Publishing On Demand" service now allows you to completely automate the way you sell and ship your CD's and DVD's.