Tap into the multi-billion dollar mobile content industry today…

Finally... There’s An Easy Way To Sell Your Own Music Downloads & Any Music Content To Cell or Mobile Phone Users Without Carrier Fees, Revenue Sharing, Or Waiting To Get Paid!

Here's A Completely Brandable, User-Friendly Solution For All Artists, Musicians & Record Labels To Easily Sell And Instantly Deliver Music & Any Digital Content To Your Music Fans, Your Subscribers or Members of Your Music Website...

      • No carrier fees or revenue sharing
      • Easy-to-use interface
      • Upload and deliver your content instantly
      • No waiting to get paid!

You run the show with Apps Store Creator...
it's your mobile music content store!

Dear Artist, Musicians & Record Labels,

s you are probably already aware, the demand for mobile content is on the rise and growing daily. People want content and they want it now! Not only that, but they want to be able to take it with them.

Whether you’re offering ebooks, video courses, audio files, ringtones, or any other content, you’re completely missing the boat if you’re not making this content available to mobile users.

The problem is, right now, your options are pretty limited. If you want to offer mobile content to your customers, you are basically stuck playing by someone else's rules.

And the existing rules suck...

With the most popular existing method of mobile content delivery it takes forever to get your content uploaded and approved, and there is nothing more frustrating than going through all the trouble to get your content ready for release only to get it declined for approval for some silly reason...

...or no reason!

And believe me... this happens all the time.

Then there is the issue of branding your products for customer brand recognition which leads to repeat business...

I don't know about you, but if I go through all blood, sweat, and tears to get a client to buy and download my product, and want them to remember where it came from so they can easily find my other products and buy those too...

Right Now You're Stuck Sharing Your Revenue And Waiting Forever To Even Get Paid

And let's not forget the carrier fees, revenue sharing, and waiting months to get paid…

There's nothing worse than working hard to get sales, but not being able to enjoy the fruits of your labor for what can sometimes be months after your customer downloaded your content...

It just doesn't seem right, does it?

I came to the conclusion there had to be a better way to deliver mobile content to my customers without having to wait an eternity to get paid and ultimately end up sharing what can sometimes amount to half of my sales revenue!

The Perfect Mobile Content Store Had To Be...

Easy to use for not only me, but my customers... The easier things are for your customers, the more likely they are to buy... and to return and buy some more!

Brandable... I needed to be able to build some brand recognition and be able to modify my logo and the overall look and feel of the site easily without having to edit code to make a few simple changes.

Compatible with virtually every handset out there and also compatible with all of the major carriers... VERY IMPORTANT!

Able to handle payments and downloads seamlessly and completely automate the process for me... time is money, right?

A solution that enable me to get paid quickly and to avoid carrier fees and revenue sharing!

After countless hours of brainstorming and thousands of dollars of development, Apps Store Creator was born.

Apps Store Creator is the ONLY solution to providing mobile content to your clients... Period.

Apps Store Creator Can Help You Grow Your Business And Easily Deliver Mobile Content To Your Clients

Demo Admin Account
Username: username
Password: password

Full support is included to get you up and running fast and seamlessly

You can create custom skins and upload your own homescreen graphics to fully brand your app store...

You don't have to be a coding genius to make changes with Apps Store Creator. Simply point and click! A 6 year old could do it!

Apps Store Creator uses SSL security to keep all transactions completely safe and secure for you and your customers

Never turn a customer away due to compatibility issues... our service suports over 200 different carriers and is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android, Java and Symbian, and many more!

Get paid instantly and avoid having to struggle for months to gain positioning on the carrier deck and end up losing 30-50% or even more of your revenue to partner fees and/or revenue shares.

It's your product... it's your money... keep it!

Pocket Brand helps you increase your sales by making it simple for your customers to purchase multiples items conveniently through PayPal.

Apps Store Creator's interface was intentionally designed with upselling your customers in mind.

It's easy for your customers to see everything you have to offer and adding another product to the purchase before checkout merely requires a click of the mouse.

Sell more and make more money with Apps Store Creator!

Here's How Apps Store Creator Is Already Changing The Way People Deliver Content!

I asked some of my VIP clients to test drive Apps Store Creator and here's what they have to say...

"You Are On The Cutting Edge"

"Ian, this is phenomenal!

I have been reading that M-commerce (mobile commerce) is not only the next “big thing” but that it will also dwarf E-commerce… and I have been wondering when this trend would begin to go mainstream: globalmusicpromotions.com is the answer!

The administrative features you’ve provided cover just about any aspect imaginable, from skins to banners to product listings to tracking customers and their purchases. Additional mainstream capacity will be achieved because of using Paypal and can be hosted on a website. What’s more, you’ve even made it Web 2.0 friendly, with buttons linking to major Social Networks and video-sharing sites.

As for the customer side, it offers a wishlist, a product image and description as well a link to see product reviews– and create one of your own. Registration/Sign-up is a breeze and the store provides service through a large number of carriers worldwide. What’s more, there is an incredible variety of content that can be sold… from magazines to iPhone applications.

This is going to be massive and I am keenly interested in learning how I can be an affiliate/JV partner/reseller for it! I foresee a tremendous shift in online marketing and purchasing coming once Apps Store Creator is unleashed… as the online and offline worlds will finally be able to intersect!

As always, you are on the cutting edge, Ian.

Seeking YOUR Success,

Brian Balwell
Top Rank Media


"The Mobile App Market is
Very Viable Right Now"

"This is a very good time to introduce this! The mobile app market is very viable right now and the competitors are few. I look forward to Apps Store Creator."

Terry White
Another Level Promotions


"This Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity!"

"Simple interface. Easy to navigate. Fast process. This is indeed a multi-billion dollar opportunity and we’re at the forefront now that there's Apps Store Creator."

Paradise Studios


"I Can Only Imagine What My Paypal Account Will Look Like with Apps Store Creator!"

"Oh my gosh! Ian, you have done it again! I can only imagine what my Paypal account will look like with Apps Store Creator!"

Craig Jones
Rise & Shine Records

It Doesn't Get An Easier Than This...
No Coding Or
Programming Skills Required

Watch This Video Tutorial

You don’t have to be an expert programmer to utilize all of it’s powerful features…

...in fact… you don’t need to know how to code at all to use Apps Store Creator.

Want to change the look and feel of your custom mobile content store?


Add logos, change skins, modify unlimited categories and subcategories with the click of the mouse.

Using Apps Store Creator is just as user-friendly for your customers, which keeps them coming back for more…

Increase Sales And Make Delivering Mobile Content To Your Users A Breeze

Offer virtually any type of content to your customers and watch your sales skyrocket.

Virtually all handsets are supported enabling you to sell and promote any of your content worldwide! Tap into the global mobile content market now.

Create unlimited categories and subcategories to make finding the right content a virtual cake-walk for your clients

Sign-up is easy and allows for a one-click checkout which translates into more sales for you!

All of the content is sent directly to your customer’s handsets via an SMS message with instructions for download. Your customers get their content right away... no waiting!

Did I mention that over 200 carriers worldwide are supported?

Users can view their previous orders by simply logging in... they can even track past purchases and Paypal invoice numbers for easy record keeping.

Pocket Brand promotes repeat visits by allowing your visitors to add products to their own “Wishlist”. Just like everything else, this feature too, is as simple as a point and a click!

No Waiting For Your Products To Be Approved

It doesn't get much easier than this!

Apps Store Creator is literally changing the rules for mobile content delivery. Just think about how much you're going to be saving by not having to share your revenue or pay carrier fees.

Think about being able to avoid the frustration of having to wait to get your products approved.

No more twiddling your thumbs hoping your product will get approved only to be let down with a denial...

Simply upload your products using the easy-to-use Admin interface, and watch as the money starts to fill up your PayPal account.

Get Paid Instantly With PayPal!

Oh yeah… did I mention that there’s no waiting to get paid?

...And it’s all completely automated!

If you can use your mouse and know how to login to your PayPal account to check your balance, you can use Apps Store Creator...

And believe me, once you start using Apps Store Creator, checking your PayPal is going to be FUN!

I don't know about you, but it's hard for me to put a price on the freedom and additional revenue that Apps Store Creator is going to provide to your mobile content business.

Imagine trying to set something like Apps Store Creator up on your own… There would be coding, and testing, and thousands of dollars and hours…

Although being able to take advantage of all of the cutting-edge features that Apps Store Creator offers would be worth the pricetag and time of setting it all up...

Start Growing Your Mobile Content Business
With Apps Store Creator Today!

But... we’ve already done all of the heavy lifting. Apps Store Creator is ready to start working for you today!

If you jump on board now, you’re not going to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life to get started...


You're going to get Apps Store Creator for the low price of just $797... And, you're going to be setup and ready to start uploading and delivering your content right away!

I’m serious...

Right now, a small, one-time payment of $797 gets you your very own, fully-customizable mobile content store!

Plus... If You Act Right Away, You'll Get These Exclusive "Fast Action" Bonuses

To make this offer even sweeter for those that act fast, you’re also going to get:

Apps Store Creator Mobile Content Starter Pack With Resell Rights So You Can Immediately Start Selling To Millions Of Mobile Users!

This package includes:

        30 Mobile Ringtones that you can immediately add to your new App Store and start selling to earn 100% of profits with NO ROYALTIES paid to us ever...

        30 Mobile Ebooks on various niches so you can start selling to the mobile readers around the world! This gives you an instant mobile ebook library to use and sell and earn 100% of profits with NO ROYALTIES paid to us ever...

        60 days of FREE hosting on our 100% secure SSL servers

        60 day of FREE support and upgrade... if you need anything at all, we're here to help every step of the way!

        Free access to our extensive video library that will literally take you by the hand and show every nook and cranny ok Apps Store Creator… Apps Store Creator is so simple, you’ll be a power user in no time

    After Your First 2 Months, You Have
    Two Attractive Options

Let us continue to provide you with world-class service, maintenance, and hosting for just $27 per month, or simply invest a one-time $247 self-hosting fee to host our service on your own site.

It doesn't matter which option you choose, Apps Store Creator is going to pay for itself after just a few sales.

Remember, With Apps Store Creator
You're In Control...

Keep 100% of the revenue on your original mobile content... there are no carrier fees to worry about and no revenue shares! You get everything! Which only seems fair... it's your content right?

You get the convenience of being able to use PayPal as your payment processor. Not only does this increase conversions, as PayPal is incredibly easy for your customers, but it enables you to GET PAID IMMEDIATELY!

You can truly build your own brand by customizing the logo, skins, and overall look and feel of your Apps Store Creator site... It's your website, it's your content... now you get complete control of everything!

Pocket Brand is so easy to use... even a 6 year old could use it. Your customers can purchase with the click of a mouse... and uploading content is just as easy for you with our simple Admin interface!

There are no limits to the amount of content you can upload... Create unlimited categories and subcategories for your products, so your customers can find everything you have to offer without any hassels.

Try It With ZERO Risk For A Full 60 Days…

If choosing this wasn't already a no-brainer opportunity, I'm so confident you're going to fall in love with Apps Store Creator as soon as you get it, I'm going to offer you 60 days to try it out for yourself with zero risk.

You heard me right... after you click on the order button below, you'll have a full 60 days to try out every feature of Apps Store Creator, and if for any reason (or no reason) Apps Store Creator isn't the absolute best solution for delivering mobile content to your customers, just let me know, and I'll be more than happy to give you every penny back!

No questions asked!

Yes, Ian! I'm ready to start offering my mobile content today using Apps Store Creator!

It doesn't matter what kind of content I have, I'll be able to offer it using Apps Store Creator!

Not only am I going to get a completely brandable mobile content store, I'm going to get be able to start uploading content and getting paid instantly!

I understand that I won't have to share my revenue with anyone, and I'll be getting paid directly into my PayPal account... with no waiting!

Plus, I'm going to get 2 months of free hosting and support, and all of the step-by-step training videos for FREE!

Not to mention, I have nothing to lose with the zero-risk 60 day guarantee!

The only way you lose is by NOT getting started with Apps Store Creator today!

Stop throwing away money and take back control of your mobile content!

To your success,

PS - Remember, Apps Store Creator is the only mobile content solution that allows you to keep 100% of your sales revenue. Stop wasting money... tap into the multi-billion dollar mobile content industry now by giving Apps Store Creator a try today!

PPS - If you act NOW and click the payment button above, you're going to get 30 days of hosting, 30 days of support, and access to our extensive video training library for no cost... in other words... FREE!

PPPS - Are you still here? In addition to Apps Store Creator's extremly low pricing and jaw-dropping bonuses, you get 60 days to try it out with no risk!

The only way you lose is by not using Apps Store Creator to deliver your mobile content... stop losing revenue and waiting to get paid...

What are you waiting for? Click the payment button above and get started with Apps Store Creator today! If you come back tomorrow, I can't promise that the offer is going to be this sweet...

Need more proof that Apps Store Creator will completely transform how you deliver content to your customers?

Check out what these people have to say about Apps Store Creator...

"Great New Product!"

"Great new product. It is estimated that this year there will be more high-end phones sold than PCs.This is still a ground floor opportunity. I have checked the .mobi domains and there are many great names still available. Within the next few years, most people will be using the cellphones on the Internet while they are away from home. Apps Store Creator will make anyone a lot of money."



"Definitely Want To Be A Part Of This Success!"

"This is one of the best futuristic business opportunities. Mobile phone users can be counted by the population, and your customer base: the world population. The growing number of mobile users will not only create demand but also create a level playing field for all the entrepreneurs. Definitely want to be a part of this success with Pocket Brand."



"A Whole New World!"

"Congratulations on a new application that can make your members more money in their endeavors. Apps Store Creator is a whole new world…"

George Hendricks


"Very Sophisticated And Really Up-To-Date!"

"It looks very sophisticated and really up-to-date as far as the layout and design. This is really a growth industry, and products like this are set to open things up to a wide audience. Thanks for developing it, keep up the good work!"




"A Truly Awesome Product!"

"I just finished checking out your new Apps Store Creator product. It looks like once again you are leading the pack when it comes to innovation. The Admin interface is clean and smooth to use. I can see where it will be very easy to configure. As a user, I found it very easy to register and login. Overall, this a truly awesome product!"

Byron McDade



"WOW! It is going to be a BIG thing selling my own contents to my customers and I am so EXCITED!"



"One Touch Simplicity!"

"Great looking interfaces both for customer and administrator with easy access and clear viewing/surfing… Components worked well with one touch simplicity... Look and feel are dynamic... this should be a hot product!"






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