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  • You don’t need to bother with anymore frustrating posters, handing out flyers around bars or paying for expensive radio ads.

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Dear Fellow Artists & Musicians:

Are you sick and tired trying to promote your live performances, sell tickets or encourage fans to buy your music? Wouldn’t you rather spend this time working on your music?

Have you seen your friends buy songs directly from their mobile phones or smartphones and wondered how you can do the same with your music?

Are you eager to easily build a loyal fan base of mobile phone subscribers so you can invite them to your gigs time and time again?



Reach out to fans that always have one
thing on them….

Imagine 90% of your fans see your band updates before they get out of bed!

Mobile Music Promotion Will

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  • and skyrocket your MP3′s
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Going mobile will get you (and your band) the fastest, most effortless, fan base you’ve ever had following you.

Mobile Music Promotion is a proven system that will never fail because it’s riding on the biggest wave of the century….

…’ll enable you as an artist or musician to consistently, and methodically, build fan bases of hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands who are eager to come to your gigs, download your MP3′s and buy your merchandise – no matter what music genre you’re into….

….and do it without the frustration or expense of handing out flyers, running newspaper ads, sticking up posters or expensive radio advertising.

Soon, you’ll wonder why you bothered with these old forms of marketing your music.

There’s nothing to figure out with

Mobile Music Promotion…

You’ll find the most obvious simple way to reach a huge fan base….

….and all the old days of struggling and stressing to fill a venue will seem years ago.

The best part is that a fan base of mobile users means they can forward your gig dates so your performances go viral and sell out in super quick time.


Mobile Music Promotion.

Here’s why mobile is the best way you’ll ever find to "break into" the music scene and sell
out your tours in every town and city you visit – all over the world…

…the greatest part is that music mobile marketing is just so easy…but there are….

…No short lived ‘tricks’ involved. Once you start seeing your mobile fan base grow…


After your first day following our mobile music promotion strategies, you’ll promise yourself never to waste time with all those old forms of promotion ever again.

And it’s not just us at Global Music Promotions saying mobile is now the only way to make it as a musician.

  • Google are now more into mobile marketing than internet search – by buying Admob for Billions.

  • There are already 2 billion music fans walking around with mobile phones – that’s 3 times bigger than facebook

Since you are going to be among the first musicians to really use mobile marketing, you need to understand just how huge the opportunity is for you as an artist, musician or band.

  • Apple sold 1.5 million Iphone 4′s in just 1 day and google reckon around 160,000 droid smartphones are activated…………….every day

  • Now more than half all new internet connections are from mobile smartphones (That's why we also build you a smart-phone friendly website)

  • Over 90% of music fans keep their smart-phones within reach
    (day and night) – which means people value their mobile phones
    as much as (And maybe even more than)  their other valuable possessions like their wallets or purses.

(Yet most musicians have no clue how to sell out venues using QRcodes, create mobile e-tickets or capture fan lists via mobiles)

There’s no better time to be an up and coming musician than RIGHT NOW

You have to take action right now if you want to be one of the early movers seizing fans and selling out your performances.

Here’s what you get with Mobile Music Promotion:

Let Me In Now

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We're that confident in Mobile Music Promotion because we know this is the secret tool major artists are using to sell-out their live concerts; but until now no one was telling the unsigned artists and small bands how to do it.

You’ll need to move fast because only a limited number will be allowed in. Why? Because it doesn’t take long before nearly every artist, producer and label owner starts to use the power of Mobile Music Promotion to explode their careers.

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